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AEW Double or Nothing Returns to Las Vegas

Since its inception, the AEW event Double or Nothing has made Vegas its stomping grounds. They return each year around May and this time they brought the heat...literally. First, let me say that this show was over 5 hours. While I appreciate getting the most matches for my money, I also have to say that its a very long time to be sitting in plastic seats shoulder-to-shoulder with people. Breaks were needed.

AEW Double or Nothing main stage

The show itself was entertaining. Over the years AEW has acquired talent well known from their time in WWE, which made the Double or Nothing card an interesting one. Names like Adam Copeland (aka Edge); Christian, Billy Gunn, Toni Storm, and Chris Jericho all appeared. It was also the first time Mercedes Mone, fka Sasha Banks in WWE, would be wrestling in an AEW ring. They made a big deal about it.

They also brought in up and comers like Will Osprey who is a talented technical wrestler who honed his craft all over the globe. A mix of standard matches and mayhem filled the 5 hours. While I can say it was an entertaining evening, I will also point out the unnecessary risks taken just to pop a crowd.

Somewhere along the line certain wrestlers decided to put on glorified stunt shows rather than a pro wrestling match. If you've never seen wrestling allow me to explain. A pro wrestling match, though scripted, is meant to look like a competitive contest inside the squared circle where combatants try to best each other with specific moves and holds. There are rules that are followed and its usually a nice display of athleticism, story, and technique.

In AEW and other places they don't wrestle. They do as many crazy stunts as they can think of. Which is fine for the audience they are trying to attract. Being in Las Vegas, I've seen some crazy things take place. But when one wrestlers lights another on fire just to get the crowd to go nuts it's no longer a wrestling's a stage show and not one I would want to see again. There are plenty of magic acts in Vegas where they put on performances that shock and awe. To me, I want to see a wrestling match. Perhaps I'm old school in that way but I'll take my wrestling without guys trying to kill themselves just for crowd approval.

You can tell a great story within the confines of the ring and do it safely. The stunts and other nonsense are amateur hour.


Cynthia Vespia is an author, wellness writer, sports and events reporter bringing you first-hand accounts of events in the worlds of writing, fitness, fantasy, and sports throughout 'Cyn City' Las Vegas. Need event coverage? Contact me!


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