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Keeping You Moving and Motivated

Last year, you said you'd start.

Yesterday, you said tomorrow.

This morning, you said later.

Isn't it time you stop breaking promises to yourself?

Think about it: if you started your health journey last year, or yesterday, or this morning instead of putting it off right now you'd be one step closer to reaching your goals.

If you're ready to finally push past the excuses, and reach your true potential, Active Quill is here to help keep you moving, motivated, and more productive. Through fitness tips, wellness resources, healthy hacks, and motivational stories the goal is to help you achieve activity for the mind and exercise for the body to maintain your creative health.

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Over the last few years I've worked with many different companies. The one thing that's been the same is how health and wellness are being sacrificed for the sake of business. This is especially true of creative professionals like graphic designers, social media marketers, and writers like myself. Let me explain why this is the wrong approach.

Whether you're self-employed or you work for someone else killing yourself to complete a task isn't beneficial to anyone. When I say 'killing yourself' I mean sacrificing sleep, habitual poor diet choices, increased stress, and less family time. These things can and will ultimately cause you to be unwell and unbalanced.

Let's face facts: even if you check off all the boxes on your task list there will be more tomorrow. The vicious cycle wears you down until your body and mind no longer function optimally.

Anyone who says you need to sacrifice health, family, or joy to reach a goal is either uninformed or lying to you.

The biggest factor in creatives falling into an unhealthy work-life balance is almost always time. No time to eat a proper lunch, no time for exercise, all because yourself to the desk.

It doesn't have to be that way. A few small, manageable changes are all you need to shift your day-to-day for the betterment of yourself and your work. Active Quill is here to show you how to stay creatively inspired and physically energized. with tips, guides, and motivational stories!

Because feeling your best fuels creativity!

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