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NXT Battleground at UFC Apex

It's a hot day in Las Vegas but the action inside the UFC Apex promises to be even hotter. This is the first time the UFC Apex has hosted a WWE event. After merging WWE with UFC under one umbrella with TKO Group, it makes sense there would be crossover.

On this night, it is the developmental brand NXT and their PLE (premium live event) Battleground being showcased. NXT will be having their own crossover as Women's Knockouts Champion Jordanne Grace from TNA battles the NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez.

It's something that hasn't been done often, especially for WWE, and it's providing a level of excitement felt throughout the arena before the doors even open. This is also the first time I'm entering the UFC Apex. I've been to the UFC building before, but the Apex is a new experience.

Championship belt display inside UFC Apex

Right away you can tell its state-of-the-art from the belt display in the main lobby. I'm led to my seat ringside and take in the arena. It's intimate but not too small. The place is also packed. People are ready to have a good time. Battleground kicks off with a women's ladder match to crown an inaugural NXT North American Women's Champion. It's a id-level belt and it's about time the women got one of their own!

I'm excited to see Sol Roca for the first time. The athletic blonde with the surfer girl inspired style is captivating. She reminds me of a version of WWE Hall of Famer Lita. They both have crisp aerial skills, a cool, laid back style, and helacious tattoos.

Sol Roca holding a ladder at NXT Battleground

The ladies start off strong and wind up stealing the show. At the close, I noticed Michin seated right near me on the otherside of the guardrail. "Good job, Michin," I tell her. She looks up with her dazzling blue eyes and replies with a smile "Thank you." I also manage to catch Sol Roca's attention as she is leaving and get a hand slap from her as well.

The rest of the show is fun! The highly anticipated cross-over match brings unexpected surprises including Jordanne Grace slapping my hand so hard on her intro that it left my palm tingling for a few seconds. She is very powerful! All in all it was an enjoyable event. They delivered a show worthy of the hype. I hope the NXT returns to Las Vegas at the UFC Apex.


Cynthia Vespia is an author, wellness writer, sports and events reporter bringing you first-hand accounts of events in the worlds of writing, fitness, fantasy, and sports throughout 'Cyn City' Las Vegas. Need event coverage? Contact me!


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