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Opinion: Female Athletes are Still Fighting for Acceptance

There have been many strides made over the years for women in sports. But as many steps forwards that female athletes have taken, there are still discrepencies when it comes to their male counterparts.

A couple of examples:

In professional wrestling Charlotte Flair, the daughter of legend Nature Boy Ric Flair, is an amazing athlete and talented performer. Yet, a majority of fans still believe that she only got to where she is because of her famous father.

On the flip side, you have Cody Rhodes, son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes, and an accomplish talent in his own right. Cody wins the WWE championship and gets chants of "you deserve it."

Blatant double-standard. Why is that?

Charlotte works just as hard as Cody. Both of them fought through serious injuries to complete their scheduled matches. They're both extremely talented, athletic, good on the mic, and look like professionals outside of the ring. Yet, Charlotte has to carry the cross of nepitism where Cody doesn't.

Another case in point from the world of wrestling. Ronda Rousey comes in from a stellar career in UFC. She's a known name but is unfamiliar with the world of pro wrestling. She has an amazing rookie year. When she returns (6 months after having a baby BTW!) her matches are a little shaky based on bad creative and unpolished dance partners. Yet, Ronda still competes in house shows, on Raw and Smackdown, and at every PLE they need her to.

Fans still jeer her and ultimately start a ridiculous hashtag to get her fired.

Enter Logan Paul. Also a name from outside the business. Tall, athletic, can hit some high spots in the ring. Would have more respect if he didn't jump the line based on his outside fame. Doesn't make the towns, doesn't wrestle regularly, has his hand held through every single match he's in.

Crowds adore him to the point that they become rapid if you point out any of the above.

Double standard. Ronda even stated in an interview that if she got the same treatment that Logan gets her matches would've been much better.

Over in the bodybuilding world, Dana Linn Bailey is the first Women's Physique winner at the Mr. Olympia. She hosts a Youtube channel where she discusses workout techniques and shows her daily life. In her comment section you'll constantly see a barrage of people accusing her or taking PEDs. Whether she is or not isn't the point. The point is I've never seen a male bodybuilder subjected to such scrutiny. Only because Dana is a female with muscle do people go on the attack.

Double standard.

I can only think to say that these women, and future athletes in their respective sports, will continue to fight uphill battles based on the ignorance of the fan base. Not everyone, but alot of people have fragile egos and poor self esteem. They want to see others fail. So they go online and spit their venom, especially at women because they think they're easier targets.

But I do enjoy Dana's response. To her, if she's made you comment in a negative way it means she owns you. The person had to be thinking so hard about DLB, or the others they criticize, that they were owned in that instant.

"Lions do not concern themselves with the opinion of the sheep."

I just hope those in true power, the ones signing the checks, see the potential of the amazing female athletes out there. The others, well, fans are fickle in every industry. They'll build someone up just to tear them down.

Me? I just go to the arena because I enjoy the shows.


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