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WWE Brings Wrestlemania Kickoff to T-Mobile Arena

Over Superbowl weekend alot of entities graced the Las Vegas Strip preparing for the Big Game. World Wrestling Entertainment capitalized on the fanfare by bringing their own event to the T-Mobile Arena.

The free outing was designed to highlight the upcoming show of shows which is Wrestlemania. Fans and media alike packed the arena where names like Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, Rhea Ripley, and the legendary Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were scheduled to appear.

WWE knows how to put on shows and this press conference wasn't any different. They took the time to build a massive stage, brought in an ace commentary team to call the action including CM Punk and Big E, both wrestlers who are sidelined with injury.

The show kicked off with CCO of the WWE Paul "Triple H" Levesque. From there the superstars came out to hype what Triple H called "the start of the road to Wrestlemania." The main event players didn't disappoint as the lines between reality and entertainment blurred to bring tension to an already trending main event match-up. The Rock delivered like no one else in the business ever will.

It was an amazing experience. The energy inside the T-Mobile was palpable with fans excited for what's to come. Afterwards I had the opportunity to meet several of the superstars at an aftershow cocktail party. I'm going on record right now to say that Cody Rhodes is the guy. He's a genuine dude who was gracious with his time and his words. I can see him being the top guy that carries the company for some time.

Cody Rhodes meet n greet

My hope is that WWE officials recognized the excitement that Las Vegas brought to the kickoff show and it leads them back here with an actual Wrestlemania. It's been over 30 years since Mania came to Las Vegas. That's so long ago they were still using roman numerals in the title! I got to go to the show but it's grown so much larger now that I'd love the chance to see it again.

Las Vegas is growing pretty fast. We're getting more and more events. It seems only likely that pro wrestling makes a name alongside the NFL, NHL, and others.


Cynthia Vespia is an author, wellness writer, sports and events reporter bringing you first-hand accounts of events in the worlds of writing, fitness, fantasy, and sports throughout 'Cyn City' Las Vegas. Need event coverage? Contact me!


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