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About Active Quill

Trying to balance health and fitness while building a creative career can feel overwhelming if you don't know the steps to take. Active Quill has the resources you need to navigate your personal wellness journey for a fit body and an active mind. 

If you sit for work this site is for you!

Through fitness tips, wellness resources, and motivational stories, the goal is to help you develop healthy habits for the long-term. Because feeling your best fuels creativity!

Meet the Team

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I'm Cynthia Vespia, a fantasy author and fitness writer with a passion to inspire fellow creatives to stay active. As a writer I know first-hand that sitting all day for work is a silent killer. Active Quill was created because I saw a need in the industry that I wanted to address by showing busy creative professionals how to feel amazing through small, daily habits.

The name 'Active Quill' came from one of my very first tattoos of quill and scroll that reads Audentes Fortuna Juvat or 'Fortune Favours the Brave' in Latin. To me, the quill encompasses many different styles of creative work. Whether it's writers, designers, painters, or other sedentary jobs there are a few things I've noticed that are commonplace:

  • Breakfast is sacrificed for the sake of time. 

  • Lunch is often eaten quickly at the desk while still performing tasks.

  • Breakrooms are rife with bagels, donuts, pizza, and birthday cake.

  • We sit too long staring at the computer screens without taking breaks.

  • The workday takes over leaving little time for exercise or family time.

​All these things can lead to neck and back pain, repetitive stress injuries, muscle atrophy, weight gain, stress, anxiety and more. But with small, daily habits they can all be turned around.


My 12 years as a competitive athlete and certified personal trainer have allowed me to learn from industry leaders. This gives me a unique set of skills to provide guidance through videos, articles, courses, interviews, and activity plans.


By combining my love of writing and wellness it is my goal to educate and motivate you to become the healthiest, most creatively productive version of yourself.


Because feeling your best fuels creativity!


Work with Me

Over a decade of experience creating expert content that drives business awareness, generates leads, increases growth and improves retention. I can articulate your unique message across a variety of platforms to captivate your audience and compel them to take the desired action. 

Need a speaker for your event?

Cynthia is an experienced panelist and workshop instructor. She provides a high-energy, engaging, and interactive presentation tailored to the topics of the writing craft, wellness for writers, and more. 

Her previous speaking engagements have included:

  • Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con​

  • Las Vegas County Libraries

  • Crime Scene Authors Panel

  • Romantic Times Convention

  • Horror Con Utah 

Cynthia is available for workshops, conventions, and presentations. If you're interested in having Cynthia speak at your event please use the contact form below.  

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My Other Work

Do you enjoy reading supernatural stories, urban or adventure fantasy? Then take a look at my fantasy author site to learn more about my author journey, my novels, and public appearances, and a deep dive into all things fantasy at my author website. 



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