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Active Quill Podcast

A monthly discussion on writing, fighting and fitness. The chat covers topics like writer wellness, creative health, professional sports, books, entrepreneurship, and entertainment with a special look at the"gritty middle"of success stories to help you get moving and motivated towards the best version of yourself. 

Episode List

Ep 1. Ambition

An introduction to the vlog and more on what Active Quill is all about. Topic of the day: Ambition and why it's important to silence the naysayers. Gritty middle success story: Learn how pro wrestler Cody Rhodes bet on himself to become the top guy in the WWE. Active item: Creating a roadmap for your own ambitions. 

Watch the full episode on Youtube 

Ep 2. Burnout

Burnout is real! When creatives like writers, designers, and other artists feel burnout it impedes our creativity and sets us back in our work. Has this ever happened to you? In this edition of the Active Quill Vlog I'm tackling burnout head on and helping you overcome it with easy ideas.

Watch the full episode on Youtube

Ep 3.

Coming soon

Ep 4. 

Coming soon 

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